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Party Tips

At Macadoodles® we want to do everything we can to make your party fun and entertaining. Below, we provided a few things you want to take into consideration when planning your next get-together.

  • Understand what type of drinks your guests prefer, wine, beer or spirits. Are they gin drinkers or strictly beer.
  • Are your guests more male or female? As a general rule, males consume more than females.
  • What time of year is your event being held? During summer months, your guests will probably prefer beer, white wine, and other “summer drinks.” In colder months, they might chose red wines and spirits such as bourbon and scotch.
  • The location of the party. Some rented facilities enforce restrictions on the types of alcohol you may serve. If the party is being held outside and you have decided on a keg, you will need to take into account your need for ice.
  • How long will your party last? On average, your guests will drink 1 to 1.5 drinks per hour
  • Is your party being held on the weekend? Your guests will tend to drink more on a Friday or Saturday.
  • Do you want a bartender?
  • Is your party going to have a theme? A kegger? Wine and cheese? Beer pong?

These are some of the things your will have to decide to make your next party a success. The staff at Macadoodles® is here to help you plan the party that is right for you. You might also try